Online Job Interview Advice– You’ve got to see this INFOGRAPHIC!

Leave your house for a job interview? What??? Who does that? 

Well actually, most people still do.  But… times are -a-changing.  In fact, I find myself meeting more and more of my clients for the first, time face to face through online meeting/conferencing services, Skype or on a Google hangout.  According to this infographic called “The Future of Job Interviews” by PGI, this is where the world is going.

This infographic covers everything from the trends, why it makes video sense,  who’s using the technology, and body language. My favourite part is the section at the bottom called: The 6 Body Language Secrets for Your Next Online Interview

Here are the 6 tips they shared (plus 2 of my own) to help you rock your next on camera meeting or interview. 

  1. Frame Your Face:
    Adjust your web cam to show you from mid-torso to just the top of your head.
  2. Set the Scene:
    Test the lighting and make sure the background isn’t distracting, messy or cluttered.
  3. Don’t Fidget:
    Not only do you reveal your anxiety, but you also risk muffling the audio.
    (*Cher’s extra tip: Lock your swivel chair or sit in a stationary one!!!)
  4. Make Eye Contact:
    Look directly into the camera when you’re talking – not down at the monitor.
    (*Another tip from me: Put a sticker right next to your web cam’s lens so you have something to focus on)
  5. Suit Up:
    Style your hair and dress professionally- jacket and dress shirt (and tie, for the men).
  6. Trust Your Tech:
    Test the (*meeting) app (*or Skype or Google Hangout) and practice before the interview to get comfortable with tech and avoid surprises.

Are you ready for this yet?

Check out the whole infographic. Then let me know how comfortable you are about this in the comments below.


Your online rep is kind of a big deal! Check out this Infographic to see why.

Your company’s online reputation matters. It can mean big business or a big crisis. Check out Digital FireFly Marketing’s infographic to see why!

Did you know?

  • Ninety-seven percent of consumers who bought a product based on an online review found the review to be accurate.
  • Seventy percent of consumers look to online reviews before they buy.
  • Seventy-five percent of people don’t believe companies tell the truth in advertisements.
  • Eight-seven percent of people believe the CEO’s reputation is an important part of the company’s reputation.

Reputation Management Infographic

Do you agree or disagree with my definition of Personal Branding?

Here’s how I define personal branding.
In preparation for my awesome new personal branding coaching program I’m launching at the end of next month, I’ve been working on how I define personal branding. I will be sharing my work in progress with at my special guest talk for Ryerson University’s MBA Students tonight. So here it is:


Do you agree or disagree with my definition?

I want to know what you think! I’ll admit it, the definition is a bit on the wordy side but I believe it captures everything in one long sentence.  Am I right on the money or of the mark? Do you have any ideas to improve it?

Let me know in the comments below!

How did ABC’s #Scandal use social media to dominate Thursday night TV? [SLIDES]

ABC’s #Scandal successfully used social media to dominate the airwaves every Thursday night at 10 p.m. Besides the awesome writing, acting and production value, they engaged their fans with social media. Watching Scandal became a live event on Twitter. Scandal hashtags trended hours after the broadcast ended. Watching it for the first time on the PVR was a second rate option. The social experience of watching Scandal with a community of die hard fans (aka Gladiators) was a gratifying part of the experience. In this presentation you will see some of the strategies I noticed as social media nerd.

I shared these strategies as panelist in a session called The Wild Wild Digital World at the Innoversity Summit in Toronto.
For more information about this conference check out the Innoversity Summit website.

99 Problems But My Brand Ain’t One!

Personal branding tips inspired by Jay Z

How to create an opportunity-ready personal brand powered by social media
What if some­one Googles your name RIGHT NOW? What will they find? Does your online per­sonal brand show­case your awe­some­ness? For most peo­ple the answer is no, and that’s a prob­lem. Social Media Trainer, Cher Jones shared this presentation at 2013 Podcamp Toronto to help your rock your online world with some pow­er­ful tips, tools and tricks. This will help you make sure your per­sonal brand is ready for the oppor­tu­ni­ties that prac­ti­cally have your name on it!

The slides were featured on Slideshare‘s main page and recieved over a 1000 views in less than [Read more...]

My keynote…notes from TDSB #Guidance2013 Connecting Through Technology

A Guidance Counsellor’s Guide to What’s #Trending in Social Media in 2013

Here are the slides from Cher Jones, Social Media Trainer and Speaker’s  keynote at The Toronto District School Board’s #Guidance2013 Connecting Through Technology.An overview of the most popular social media issues, websites, ideas and advice every educator needs to know to keep up in 2013.

Cher has also created a reference page with additional notes and resources based off of the questions and conversations following the talk.

Did you see these clever Super Bowl blackout news jacks?

There’s an art to news jacking.

The lights may have went out at the super bowl. But the lights went on for several brands with great ideas for news  jacking this story.

The lights may have went out at the super bowl. But the lights went on for several brands with great ideas for news jacking this story.










You can’t plan for it. You have to make decisions on the fly, create your “jack” in real-time and instantly share it with your network. Sounds simple enough but we’ve seen this strategy go very wrong (ummmm Hurricane Sandy sales)

But when a company nails it, it is definitely worth noting.

Enter the news story:

Lights Out During the Super Bowl
Power went out at the Superdome early in the third quarter of Super Bowl XLVII, leading to a 34-minute delay with the Baltimore Ravens leading the San Francisco 49ers 28-6 on Sunday night. (read more on ESPN)

The lights may have went out at the super bowl. But the lights went on for several brands with great ideas for news  jacking this story. And as a result, here’s what came across my networks either during the black out or minutes after:

Freshbooks (on Facebook):
Freshbooks Super Bowl Lights Out Jack

“Someone’s got to be tracking time spent on fixing the power outage at the Super Bowl, right?”- Freshbooks




Oreo The Oreo folks , who by the way  just debuted the brand’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial (driving people to their Instagram account)  came up with this:

Calvin Klien


Did you see you any funny ones? Leave a link in the comments below. I can’t wait to see what you saw.